These are not empty words that we carelessly toss around. We mean them. We live them. We are them.




Leader, Visionary, known for seizing the odds, encountering challenges and growing from strength to strength.

He oversees lighting sales, commercial projects, our team and everything in between.

He guides us everyday to our core value of integrity in all that we do and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

for all trade enquiries:


MFM from NIFT Delhi with love for retail and marketing at the core.


She oversees marketing and advertising, controls all communication between Ivanka and its customers and outside world.


for all marketing enquiries:

NAVNEET MANKU, Trade Accounts

Certified Interior designer, she is knowledgeable, pays attention to detail and known for outstanding customer service.

Clients use words like amazing, talented, unique, accomplished and artistic to describe her.

She is fully involved with and accountable for company's every project.

SADIA RAIS, Interior Designer

A talented designer who joined Ivanka Lumiere as a college intern and we are very glad to snap her up after her graduation.

She is helpful, engaging and has an uncanny gift with home styling and lights in combination and shows you how to create a statement home that fits you and your personality.

ANKUR GUPTA, Global Merchandiser

Expert in foreign languages, thorough technical, knowledgeable and efficient.

He oversees design, product development, manufacturing, logistics, compliance, documentation from global markets.

PROMOD, Showroom Coordinator

He is responsible, attentive, efficient and is your contact person for appointments and updates regarding your order with us.

He ensures quality check, lines up installations and ensure smooth overall operations.

RAJU RAUT, Installer

He has a particular genius when it comes to electricals be it any nature. He understands the complexities of lighting installation and is our go to guy when we are executing these intricate projects.

He is fearless on a ladder which sometimes concerns us but mostly we are in awe of.

SUMIT, Installer

He is one of our two lead installers and along with Raju he trains and teaches our younger installers the processes for successful lighting installations.

Probably one of his best traits is his always pleasant and 'can do' attitude that he brings to everything he does.