Step By Step Dining Room Guide

Step By Step Dining Room Guide

The two priorities for Dining Room Lighting are to deliver overall brightness through general lighting and to provide a visually appealing space with accent lighting. In order to accomplish this task, you should incorporate these two layers of lighting into your space.

You may need one or several types of light fixtures in a room, depending on the layout, size, aesthetic and space available. Here is a checklist of lighting types to consider for a properly lit dining room:


Provides lighting for everyday activities

Highlights a specific area creating a focal point or to set a mood

1.    Recessed Lighting

Close-to-Ceiling Lights (Flushmounts & Semi- Flushmounts)

2.   Chandeliers

Linear Suspension

Pendants (Bowl, Drum, Mini, and Multi-Light)

3.   Dimmers, Controls & Wall Plates 

4.   Console Lamps

5.   Wall Scones

Dimmers, Controls & Wall Plate

6.   Picture & Display Lights











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