Dimmable LED filament bulbs- your pick for budget lighting

IvankaLumiere designed lights for elma s kitchen
Nothing gives me joy like sitting down on my window sill, freshly brewed coffee in hand, enjoying the solitude of my mornings. One of the simplest joys, for me, is to find places outside that feel like home. And that’s exactly what Shelly, Owner of Elma’s Bakery which is named after her dog, wanted her customers to feel in their 3 day stint at Palate fest.
We designed a custom LED filament pendant cluster which was budget friendly nonetheless did it job of giving a mesmerising charm and a warm nostalgic glow.  Whether it’s for their distinctive good looks or their energy saving credentials these bulbs are having a bit of a moment.

Why Choose Decorative Filament Bulbs:

  • Great choice of shapes and sizes
  • Decorative filaments –spiral, squirrel cage, coil
  • Low energy LED – most have Energy Rating A or B
  • Long lasting up to 15,000 hours +
  • Fully dimmable
  • Clear and coloured glass options
  • Retro-fit – designed to be used with existing fittings
  • Super for creating decorative lighting effects
  • Warm white colour light for atmospheric lighting effects
  • Attractive even when not lit up
  • Mix and match to create unique displays