IvankaLumiere featured in AD Design Handbook

Architecture Digest features Ivanka Lumiere

AD Design Handbook has become the reference point for viewing the latest interior products in the market. The second edition is no different. This is a unique showcase of luxury brands that are at the forefront of innovation and style. Some of the biggest names in design and furniture, pioneers in their own field, offers a peek into their latest collections and products. Showcasing an eclectic selection, this handbook can serve as an inspirational starting point for everyone.

The handbook is divided into six sections—living room, bedroom, soft furnishings, bathroom, kitchen and elements—each offering a special selection of furniture and designer products.

Ivanka featured in Architecture Digest Handbook

Featured here is our Marie Coquine chandelier created by french designer philippe starck for baccarat, the ‘marie coquine’ standing lamp sets a crystal chandelier into an umbrella suspended in mid-air, layering imagery and textures in a display both imaginative and functional. the piece incorporates a 12-light zénith chandelier into an umbrella, with an ivory canopy above the candelabra softening the cast light, and a chestnut wood handle extending from its base.

Looking radiant in one of our clients salon here.